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Feature List

 User Friendly
  The Mixing Bench has easy to use features that help your bakery function more efficiently.
Logical progression from raw ingredients to finished product.
Adjustable program and display formula fonts.
User configurable list box formats.
 Formula Building
  Create formulas by selecting ingredients from a scrolling list.
Enter ingredients in metrics, cups, teaspoons, each, and many others.
Enter formulas in metric, lbs and oz, and baker's percentage.
Convert formulas to metric, lbs and oz, and baker's percentage.
Copy a formula to create a new formula. 
Use formulas as a base inside other formulas.
Track formulas by category and alphabetically.
Display or print formulas for use by the baker. (original or adjusted batch sizes).
Adjust batch sizes without math errors.
Changing a batch does not change the original formula.
Match a batch to the quantity of items needed based on yield size.
Match a batch to the amount of an ingredient you have left.
 Formula Sharing
  No Typing Required.
Import formulas from other users of The Mixing Bench v8.x.
Ingredients not listed are added automatically.
Export your formulas and share with other users.
  Monitor costs from ingredients to finished product.
Calculate cost per item, markup, gross margin and gross profit.
Flags when a product falls below the set minimum margin. 
Printed reports in all areas.
  Supports dedicated server, peer-to-peer, and stand-alone. The Mixing Bench is fully network compatible.  Maintain all of your formulas and products in one easily managed location and share the data on network workstations.  Don't have a network?  No Problem!  Use "Sneaker Net".  Update the files on the main computer, make a backup, "walk"  to the next computer and restore the updated files.
 Product Slide Show
  Display your wares with the built-in slide show. Add your own pictures and descriptions.  A real help for customers when choosing cakes.
 Ingredient and Supply Purchase History
  Compare vendor prices.
Purchase in bulk. (Boxes, Pallets, Cases, Trucks, Container, Each, Many More!)
Purchase Duplication. Simply change the date and you're done!
Create and print Purchase Orders for vendors.
 Administrator Controlled Security Levels For Users.
  Flexible program security through the use of passwords and access options. Allow users to perform specific tasks while blocking access to other areas. Rights are granted by the Program Administrator. Menu items can be turned off to prevent all data, including formulas, from being changed.  Bakers can view formulas, change batch sizes and print without the risk of accidentally changing or deleting your formulas. Security can also be completely turned off if not needed.
 Employee Time Clock with Reports.
  Easy clock in and out system for your employees using the keyboard or mouse.  Print date specific reports of the time log and total employee hours.
 Backup Data to a Single File.
  Back up your data files to any accessible drive and directory.
 Save Reports as PDF, HTML, or Plain Text.