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Register The Mixing Bench

Install The Mixing Bench and start the program. From the Main Menu click File, Register The Mixing Bench..... 


The product registration screen is where you license The Mixing Bench for use on a computer. Each computer must be registered separately.  The first tab is used to enter the registration information you receive from Rivik Solutions, Inc. (See "The second tab" below) You will be sent a registration email with an attached license file. Print the email and keep it in a safe place. Save the attached file to the Mixing Bench directory on your computer (normally C:\mixbench).  Click the Import License File button and select the file name that matches your serial number.  You may also register manually by entering all information exactly as you received it in the email. Everything is case sensitive. Once you have entered/imported the information click the Register Now button.

The second tab is for requesting a license file and activation code from Rivik Solutions. Fill in the fields and click the Email Form button if your computer has email capability or Print and Fax the form. We will also be glad to help you via phone. Call us at 919-734-2109. 
There are three types of registrations.
Original Purchase: First time purchases.
Additional Copy:  Adding licensed computers after your Original Purchase.
Activation Code Only:  Obtain an activation code for a previous purchase. (For example: The computer is replaced with a new one or your hard drive crashes.) In all cases we require an explanation for the request and the serial number being replaced. Please include this in your email or fax.





Updated 01/07/2015