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Use this form to purchase RiviKard, request an Activation Code, or add users. 

Before purchasing RiviKard:
Please read How does licensing in RiviKard work? in Frequently Asked Questions.

Note: If you are adding users to a previous purchase or requesting an Activation Code for a previous purchase, be sure to fill in the serial number of your RiviKard program.  The serial number can be found by selecting Help, About on the Main Menu of RiviKard. 

Please fill out and submit the form below. You will be contacted as soon as possible.  Be ready to provide necessary payment information such as card number and expiration date.

 Thank you! 

Please provide the following contact information:

Purchase Type
Existing Serial Number
RiviKard Server w/5 User License $675.00 ea.
RiviKard Server w/50 User License  $2100.00 ea.
RiviKard Server w/100 User License $3500.00 ea.
RiviKard Stand Alone 1 User Only $165.00 ea.
Add Users to Existing Server License  $35.00 ea.
Add 100 Users to Existing Server License $3000.00 ea.
Special Instructions

Updated 01/07/2015