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What's New and Update History

RiviKard 8.01 Update
--Corrected partial payments not showing up on the purchases screen. 

RiviKard 8.0 Server Edition
--RiviKard Server is a new complete network solution for purchasing card tracking.
--The look and usability of RiviKard has been maintained as much as possible to reduce training needs.
--Workstation setup and license sharing is now a simple matter of connecting to the server and running the workstation setup program to create a shortcut on the desktop. You also have the option to install the complete workstation files on the local machine if network traffic is a problem.
--Added the ability to limit cardholder spending by month.
--Added viewing of card holder spending by month.
--Added 12 month budget year to each MAC. This enables refined tracking of Master Account Codes and prevents purchases from being added if not within the range of the budget year.
--Added requester name, address and phone number to each purchase.
--Added billing official to each purchase.
--Added estimated and actual delivery dates to each purchase.
--Added amount billed on statement to each purchase.
--Added price per unit and quantity ordered to each purchase.
--Added a Vendor ID field. This will differentiate between vendors with like names or departments within the same vendor company. i.e. Tax ID number, standing purchase order number, GSA schedule number, department name, etc. Adaptable to fit the needs of individual organizations. Vendor ID has also been added to the print filters.
--Added detailed vendor information to each purchase. Automatically filled in when the vendor is selected from the vendor list.
--Added option of detailed or non-detailed print outs for All Purchases, Audit, and individual Card Holder,  .purchase reports.
--Added the ability to revoke cardholders privileges on individual MACs without having to remove the cardholder from the system.
--Many background enhancements to the program too numerous to mention.

--Reference numbers no longer disappear.

--The Print All Card Holders report on the Master Account Codes screen now prints correctly with the "Print Card Numbers on Report" option turned off.
--Added directory select buttons to several windows.
--Fixed a problem that caused backups to fail if sent to a directory name with spaces in it.

--Allowed card holders to print purchase records from the Master Card Holders screen.

--A Restore option was added. Numerous requests have come in about adding this option. The old way to restore files was confusing and required in-depth knowledge of file management.

--Added a check box to tag a purchase as "Partially Paid".
-- The Obligations report shows (Ptl.Pmt.) in the Remarks block when an item is marked as partial payment.
-- A print filter was added to print only partial payments on reports.
-- Changed list boxes so column widths are saved between sessions.

--Approving Officials needed more control over the entries used in Categories and Custom Tracking Options. Cardholders must now be given the right to add a Category or a Custom Tracking option.

--New name.
--New network interface. The program and the license files can reside solely on the server. Create shortcuts to the program on the workstations. You can now upgrade to the latest version by simple upgrading the server.
--New licensing by concurrent user. Example: A 5 user license loaded on the server will allow 5 workstations to access the program at the same time. Load RiviKard on as many workstations as you like without worry of license violations. The security files will not allow more connections than you have purchased.
--New look with selectable Styles.
--Ability to force a new purchase to be tagged as "Awaiting Approval". Can only be "Approved" by an administrator.
--Additional tabs for viewing purchases that are "Not Billed" and for "Awaiting Approval".

Updated 01/07/2015