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RiviKard Server is a complete Purchasing Card Management System.  Designed exclusively for Approving Officials and Card Holders it allows you to gain control of your accounts.  Monitor and authorize all purchases, share data on a network, generate accurate, detailed audit reports.  Tired of confusing spreadsheets that change from office to office. Standardization is built in.  RiviKard has the versatility and power you've been looking for in a purchasing card management program.  Save countless man-hours by automating the time consuming tasks of tracking accounts and purchases. Network workstation setup is quick and easy. Customized reports are generated on the fly. Your End of Month Obligation Report is a single click away. Compatible with server based and peer to peer networks. If you approve, manage, or use a purchasing card, you will benefit from RiviKard's time saving features.  Give RiviKard a try for 30 days FREE!

Stand Alone

RiviKard Stand Alone offers the same great features as RiviKard Server in a non-networked version.

Download  What's New  Prices  Order  FAQ

Updated 01/07/2015